Meg Ryan Plastic Surgery Before After

meg ryan plasticsurgery before after omg duck Meg Ryan Plastic Surgery Before After
Meg Ryan has turned 51 in 2012 and she is definitely among the candidates of worst plastic surgery in Hollywood. When she gained fame in 1980, Meg Ryan was certainly among the most beautiful women ever to set foot on the big stage. Her innocent and cute looks were often compared to Madonna.

meg ryan before after plastic surgery Meg Ryan Plastic Surgery Before After Until 1996, Meg prevailed over Hollywood screens for almost a decade before she made a supposedly horrible decision to enter into the gloomy world of celebrity plastic surgery.

In fact, critics of Meg claim that bad plastic surgery is the sole reason for the rapid decline of the actress. Some critics even dare to claim that the only role that Meg will ever find is of a Joker in a “Batman” series.( Ouch ! )

Meg Ryan plastic surgery after omg Meg Ryan Plastic Surgery Before After A comparison of before and after pictures of the actress reveals a massive difference between her present features and the beauty that once Meg was.

The obvious change is lip implants that most experts think are due to GoreTex technique that enhances lip muscles. Another cheeky feature is the modified cheeks that seem to have undergone volumetric facelift as a result of fat grafting.

meg ryan before plastic surgery Meg Ryan Plastic Surgery Before After Despite her age, it is also noticeable that Meg has no sagging skin making her susceptible of undergoing neck-lift and forehead procedures. It will not be an overstatement to suggest that Meg has not been able to hide anything at all.

MegRyanPlasticSurgeryDisaster 2001 2006 Meg Ryan Plastic Surgery Before After Critics point out to slanted and stretched back eyes that are seemingly pulled up.

The procedure on her eyes has a direct impact on her brows that are also pulled wide enough to make the actress look permanently surprised. Actually, the entire face of Meg is stretched indicating that there may be a lot of Botox involved.

meg ryan awful Meg Ryan Plastic Surgery Before After Also, Meg was never famous for exposing her upper body but there are plenty of rumors of breast implantation. So far, Meg has not publicly admitted that she ever had a plastic surgery but there seem to be few media moguls willing to interview her.

Despite her amazing transformation, there are plenty of Meg fans who still love the actress for what she was. To be honest, it appears that Meg has been under the knife so many times that few will take her word on plastic surgery. Whatever the debate, it seems that Meg Ryan plastic surgery is a gloomy chapter out of Hollywood books marking the end of a career for another Hollywood great.

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