Here you will find many examples of both successful and shall we say not so successful plastic surgery stories that have efected both regular people like you and me, celebrities, public figures and everyone in between. We will also bring you information about most common cosmetic surgery procedures. What to look for? What to ask your plastic surgeon before you trust them with you face and your body, and much much more. Stay tuned, plastic surgery articles come out on regular basis.

Meg Ryan Plastic Surgery

Meg Ryan Plastic Surgery

Meg Ryan switched 50 last year and this woman is surely one of the prospects of worst plastic surgical procedure in Hollywood. Whenever she became famouse in 1980, Meg Ryan ended up being undoubtedly one of the most stunning women ever to create…


Kate Gosselin Nose Job Plastic Surgery And Botox Injections


Fact celebrity and mummy of eight Kate Gosselin has actually apparently had some plastic surgery procedure done on the face! Exactly who understood?!? Thinking about that she as soon as appeared like a lowly troll of a homemaker and from now on she seems like…


Jennifer Grey Plastic Surgery Nose Job

Jennifer Grey NoseJob

Tends these days Jennifer gray is actually understood a lot more on her rhinoplasty aka nose job plastic surgery the her acting Jennifer gray is actually an United states celebrity. She grew to be remarkably popular after actively playing Frances “child” Houseman within…


Lara Fl​ynn Boyle Facelift Plastic Surgery

Lara Flynn Boyle Plastic Surgery Before After

During the 90s, it could be hard to imagine of a youthful celebrity just who could rival Lara Flynn Boyle for total charm and display provides. The starlet smashed in dual Peaks with a starring character that held viewers fixed towards the display.…


Marie O​smond Facelift Plastic Surgery and Botox Injections

Marie Osmond Plastic Surgery Facelift Botox

Similar to every other star in this city plus they can actually take that individuals will ripen within the conclusion. They have old and wrinkly began to be obvious. This might be what worry much more than the blade made use of to…


Lady Gaga Facelift, Rhinoplasty and More Plastic Surgery

Lady Gaga Before And After Plastic Surgery

Lady  Gaga was previously in development on her various and peculiar look. As various other prominent numbers Lady Gaga in addition began experiencing hearsay about her individual along with her pro existence. Among various other hearsay, one rumor is mostly about her plastic surgery. Lots…


Megan F​ox Plastic Surgery Extravaganza

megan fox plastic surgery

Megan Fox, the popular US design and celebrity features had several plastic material surgeries such as Nose Job, Botox and Boob Job, plus fillers inside her mouth and face! Fox denied she had had plastic surgery and stated that the woman youthful look…